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17.05.19 Francesco Toffoli Picture Francesco Toffoli

Motion Design for Digital Interfaces

From visual to functional, movement is the essence of our actions.

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25.04.19 Claudia Loch Picture Claudia Loch

Audiogum UX research harnesses the power of music

How Audiogum UX research helps partners maintain a competitive advantage.

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21.03.19 Francesco Toffoli Picture Francesco Toffoli

Wireframe Components Design

Creating a pack of resources for UX

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11.02.19 Deon Fourie Picture Deon Fourie

Security and Compliance at Audiogum

Information security and complying with industry regulations comes as standard when integrating with the Audiogum services, enabling you to offer compliant services to your customers.

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11.02.19 Deon Fourie Picture Deon Fourie

Our ISO27k certification journey, and beyond

The steps we took to achieve our ISO/IEC 27001 (including ISO/IEC 27018) certification and why it's so important to our business.

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30.01.19 Steve Robbins Picture Steve Robbins

Vegas baby! Our experience exhibiting at CES 2019

What we got up to exhibiting at CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

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26.11.18 Simon Robinson Picture Simon Robinson

Analytics at Audiogum

Or, how we turn 10s of millions of monthly data points into consumable analytics.

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05.10.18 Caroline Perkins Picture Caroline Perkins

Audiogum feature on the Disrupt South West Index

Making a name for ourselves as a disrupter business.

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02.10.18 Francesco Toffoli Picture Francesco Toffoli

Becoming a Gummer

Getting started, proving yourself, and having an impact as a UI Designer in a Software Engineering company.

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14.09.18 Chris Davies Picture Chris Davies

The Evolution of an Identity

Sidesteps, dead ends and the continuing path towards forming an enduring brand identity.

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21.06.18 Chris Williams Picture Chris Williams

Native Experiences in Cross-Platform Apps

Our Friend Mix music profile builder is a good example of how a cross-platform approach to app building can still play to an individual platform’s strengths.

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08.05.18 Chris Williams Picture Chris Williams

Building an Agile Organisation

Establishing a new software company through continuous improvement and by anticipating future challenges.

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15.01.18 Ian Sugar Picture Ian Sugar

Automated Testing for Microservices

How Audiogum's testing strategies help us maintain a high pace of change.

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13.11.17 Deon Fourie Picture Deon Fourie

Audiogum Service Status

An overview of how we capture service status Availability & Performance metrics and display them on a publicly accessible service status page.

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03.11.17 Steve Robbins Picture Steve Robbins

Platform Overview

Following the architecture overview blog, this post goes into detail on our platform and how we build it.

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30.08.17 Chris Williams Picture Chris Williams

App Architecture

Sharing code between different apps running on a range of platforms and device types is a challenge, but our ability to do just that is helping us deliver at pace.

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28.07.17 Steve Robbins Picture Steve Robbins

Audiogum Architecture Overview

An overview of the Audiogum system architecture - what we’ve been building and how we go about it.

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