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Over 20 content providers all via a single API integration.

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Get content quickly

Audiogum can provide access to music streaming services, internet radio, podcasts, audiobooks and video. Having all of these in one place saves time.

By integrating with Audiogum you get access to all of the content types. With easy access to other content types you can take time to plan them into your product roadmap.

Combine Content Aggregation with Audiogum’s Intelligent Personalisation and you can build truly remarkable experiences for your users.

Integrations made easy

Audiogum’s one-to-many aggregation API makes it quick and easy to integrate with multiple content services and gives your users access to their favourite content.

By integrating with Audiogum once, we remove the need and resource required for many individual integrations.

Whenever 3rd party content services make changes to their offering, the Audiogum Platform reflects these and seamlessly updates the integration. We take the pain away from getting content, leaving you to focus your efforts in other areas.

Content Aggregation

Global coverage

Audiogum works with many global content providers. This gives you the choices and flexibility to effectively cover your existing markets easily.

You could even launch into new markets knowing that you’ll be able to give the users the same great experience of your product.

Having access to everything in one place makes it easy to turn on new content providers as and when you need them.

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Case Study: Dynaudio

Dynaudio is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality loudspeakers and one of the world’s most distinguished high-end audio companies.

By creating a bespoke companion app that builds playlists tailored to the user’s taste, we helped Dynaudio launch a truly personalised wireless speaker system.

Find out more about how Audiogum work with partners to provide access to content that is unique for every user of the app.

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The Dynaudio Music 3: one of four models available in the Music family of speakers