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Audiogum make it simple to add voice to your experience.

Example app showing natural language understanding

Giving your products a voice

Voice represents a big part of user interactions now and has become commonplace for a lot of people. The question is: how do you quickly add and leverage the power of voice to your products? The quickest way is to partner with Audiogum.

Audiogum can build bespoke solutions, or help build into existing platforms to get you up and running in no time.

All voice interactions can work with the Audiogum Intelligent Personalisation features allowing users to ask for things like mood-based, genre-based and location-based content - users can also ask for combinations of parameters to get very specific content.

You don't have to worry about building complex voice solutions in-house, when you can simply let Audiogum help make your hardware smarter.

Branded voice

One of the big problems with voice is offering the end users something compelling while still maintaining your brand experience.

Using an existing voice solution would mean that you are going to have to use a predefined wake word, go through the hard work of product development and marketing only to give away the interaction to a third party. You may feel that this approach is counterintuitive.

Audiogum can help by providing a bespoke wake word (for example your brand name), pick a voice that matches your brand personality, and allow you to choose the language you respond to users with.

One of the keys to a strong brand is the consistency of your messaging, partnering with Audiogum can help you achieve that.

Natural Language Understanding

Not just voice

The Natural Language Understanding underpinning the Audiogum voice solution can be used in other products, so you don't need a microphone to get advanced search results.

For example, you can embed Audiogum into your graphical user interface. The GUI could be an app, a website, and in-car infotainment system, a smart TV, wearable technology etc.
This allows the users the ability to perform searches using complex queries via text input.

By enabling users to be able to get exactly the content they want and to discover more is another key feature in providing them with a great experience.

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Case Study: Gumbot

Audiogum created Gumbot to showcase the Natural Langauge Understanding platform in an easy to use app.

We make it easy to add the technology into any app or experience. Using an on device microphone or text based UI your hardware can utilise Audiogum NLU.

It doesn't matter what industry you are in, if you need to understand your customers and provide them with accurate smart recommendations Audiogum can help.

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