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Gumbot is the Audiogum app to show our backend Natural Language Understanding platform in action. Accuracy and flexibility are the core principles of the solution. Using Audiogum's Intelligent Personalisation, we can allow users to ask for genres, moods, decades (e.g. 80s), context specifics (e.g. working out), locations, and more. Users can ask for advanced combinations for example: “Play 90’s Hip Hop from New York”. We use our own proprietary NLU to recognise, define and respond to user requests.

Example phrases

Some detail

The NLU platform itself specialises in taking raw audio or text, both of which would be transcribed prior to reaching the platform, and finds the underlying meaning. During this process the data will go through several steps, namely:

  • Entity extraction - using metadata to define the specifics of the users request.
  • Classification - matching the output to the users unique taste profile.
  • Application - generating a playlist matching both the command and the users tastes.
  • Respond - The platform creates a response that corresponds to the users initial request.

Entity extraction underpins the NLU and sets the solution apart from other methods and platforms. Audiogum’s NLU specialises in content such as music. However, it can be trained to fit other uses cases to provide accurate recognition of the users utterance.

Working with Audiogum

Audiogum put a strong emphasis on understanding a customers vision and requirements. Once there is a common understanding we can work together to refine a proposition that will work for them.

The customer has the choice to define their own wakeword, define the phrasebook (how the app/hardware responds to the user), and their chosen area of content (for example music).

By defining their own voice experience the customer can keep their brand present and consistent throughout the user journey. The marketing collateral is the same as the website, which is the same as the app and the voice experience is consistent with all of these.

Setting the right tone for your brand becomes easy.

The results

The user gets an experience that reflects the values of the brand.

The product irrespective of a voice or text UI understands the user. Audiogum believes that it is this understanding and ability to accurately fulfil end user request that provides an exceptional experience to help brands set their products apart.

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