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Our Platform API and SDKs are where it all happens. We offer simple, consistent APIs to connect to audio services, personalise content, generate personalised playlists and more. Our scenario-based documentation and SDKs will get you started quickly.

Getting started

API Auth

Learn how to access the Audiogum platform APIs with your client_id and client_secret.

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Our firmware integration guide gives an overview of what's needed to get content playing on your device.

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Get our iOS, Android and Embedded C SDKs and code examples.

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Documentation and examples


Search, browse, authentication and playback across a broad range of content services.

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Explicit and implicit tracking of user taste to enable a personalised experience for your users.

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Natural Language

APIs for controlling devices through voice commands.

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Learn how to play content of all types through our generic playback APIs.

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Learn how you can collect analytics events from your apps and devices.

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Learn how to securely manage user data.

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Learn how to manage device firmware and registration info.

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Changes to the platform APIs

As we evolve and improve the Audiogum platform, our changes will always be additive. You can be confident that we'll never remove a field from a response that you depend on, and we'll never change an existing field in a way that makes it incompatible with the way it appeared in the past.

We will add new APIs and add new fields to our JSON responses, so you should make sure that a new field appearing anywhere in a JSON response does not break your code. We call these 'non-breaking' changes and it's essential that we can make this kind of change to enable new capabilities in the platform.

Data and compliance

Data for your organisation is stored securely and segregated from other organisations. The data is synchronised between global data centres whilst respecting rules and regulations suh as GDPR around handling Personal Data.

Audiogum is accredited to the ISO/IEC 27001 standard, demonstrating our commitment to information security and implementation of security best practice across our organisation. You can find out more in our Security and Compliance at Audiogum blog post.

Client tools

Audiogum clients have access to the following tools.

API Explorer

Quickly view and try out our APIs.

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Find out what's happening with your users and devices with key metrics.

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Admin Site

Get details on users and devices, download logs and edit your voice phrasebook.

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Drop us a line

If you're stuck or have questions, please email your account manager or get in contact with us!