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Helping you to provide content that matches your users' tastes to give exceptional experiences.

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Unique taste profiles

Audiogum provides user taste profiling, this gives users the opportunity to have an experience tailored to their own tastes. As they listen / watch, the Audiogum platform learns what they like and dislike to subsequently recommend more personalised content. The more they listen and watch the better it gets.

When combined with a hardware offering it provides users with a compelling experience that enhances user satisfaction and retention rates.

Audiogum also provides the ability to combine taste profiles. For example, if you have a device that will be used by more than one user at once such as a speaker or in-car infotainment system, Audiogum can combine the profiles to produce a playlist for everyone.


Audiogum has gathered billions of data points to power recommendations the recommendations platform.

Audiogum uses the data to provide the best possible recommendations for users based on their unique taste profile.

Other data helps define the content that should be served to the users, this includes recommendations for: Mood, Genre, Decades, Years, Popularity, Charts and Context, to name a few.

Using a data-driven approach means that we always get something that your users want to listen to.


Picking favourites

Starting to model a user's tastes implicitly can be difficult, time consuming and won’t always give the best output. To get around this Audiogum offers you a solution to the problem, we provide an artist picker that can fit into your own user experience.

The cold-start problem of not knowing a new user's preferences can be solved from within your app or ecosystem.
Embedding Audiogum means users can still get a highly personalised first time use experience.

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Case Study: Friend Mix

Intelligent Personalisation can be difficult to visualise in isolation, to help our customers understand how it works Audiogum have created a showcase app - Friend Mix.

Friend Mix allows users to create their own taste profile and combine it with their friends. Playlists then fit the combined tastes of the group.

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Friend Mix