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The best way to show the Audiogum Intelligent Personalisation feature is through an app. We use the term Intelligent Personalisation to represent how we create unique content recommendations for users. The Audiogum Platform continually learns the users preferences to ensure that they always get things they like.

Some detail

The first step in Intelligent Personalisation is creating a profile for a user. By far the quickest way of doing this is to explicitly ask them.

Friend Mix gives you an idea of how we create a taste profile for a user. The user can pick from their favourite artists, which in turn present more assocaited artists and so on. As they pick and choose Audiogum get a more defined idea of what the user likes.

Friend Mix goes a step further than defining just one user profile and allows multiple users to create profiles.

Once multiple profiles have been created they can be merged to create a playlist of content unique to the group.
During playback users can view who is responsible for any given song.

Intelligent Personalisation doesn't simply merge selected artists into a playlist. Instead it takes arists and similarities and finds the most suitable selection based on the links between them.

Working with Audiogum

Audiogum put a strong emphasis on understanding a customer's vision and requirements. Once there is a common understanding we can work together to refine a proposition that will work for them.

The customer can define how they want the experience to work for them, one such way could be to embed the technology into the customers own app. This allows for greater control of their user experience. Alternatively Audiogum can help design and develop a companion app branded specifically for the customer.

Audiogum helps to make your user experiences exceptional.

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