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Dynaudio is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality loudspeakers and one of the world’s most distinguished high-end audio companies. By creating a bespoke companion app that uses Audiogum's Intelligent Personalisation to build playlists tailored to the user’s taste, we helped Dynaudio launch a truly personalised wireless speaker system.

The Dynaudio Music 3: one of four models available in the Music family of speakers

The challenge

Dynaudio wanted to develop a high-end wireless speaker system and companion app. Whilst they were already experts in delivering world-class audio quality, Dynaudio were looking for a software and platform partner to help them innovate modern benefits that would ensure a personalised user experience.

Audiogum worked in partnership with Dynaudio to understand their requirements. In doing so we were able to achieve a rich solution that drew on the collective experience and skills of our multidisciplinary team. From platform engineering to application design and development, through to project management, product management, comemercial support and legal guidance; we ensured that Dynaudio got a first-class service.

The approach

We ran workshops with Dynaudio stakeholders to understand their vision. We quickly realised that Dynaudio customers faced a common problem: choosing the best track to showcase your new speaker is difficult. When you have all the worlds music available to you, and the choice is overwhelming.

  • We realised that the overall experience should help the user by creating personalised playlists.
  • We knew that the app needed to serve an international customer base.
  • To be truly international the experience needed Content Aggregation to work with multiple music streaming services and meet legal, content, and language requirements across the globe.
  • In order to meet all of Dynaudio's needs Audiogum needed to provide: seamless hosting, analytics and user account management – the full end-to-end service.
Dynaudio Music App

The solution

Working side by side with Dynaudio’s teams, we designed and developed an exceptional experience: the Dynaudio Music companion app, fully integrated with TIDAL, Ximalaya, KKBOX and free radio via vTuner; all via Audiogum's Content Aggregation API.

What makes this experience special is the bespoke Music Now feature: built on Audiogum's Intelligent Personalisation, it allows users to listen to their own personalised playlist, an endless source of tracks that is constantly learning and adapting to their taste.

Behind the scenes, we also manage all customer accounts and speaker registrations through our secure cloud platform. With full data compliancy, multiple data centres and 24/7 support, we made sure Dynaudio could rest easy. Using our Analytics and Reporting we provide easy-to-use reporting dashboards that display analytics such as user location splits and listening trends.

The results

In 2017, Dynaudio launched Music, its first wireless speaker range, together with our companion app, services and platform. The response has been positive, with several publications mentioning the solution and experience.

“Audiogum’s innovative platform is the perfect counterpart to Dynaudio’s legendary audio performance. It solves the problem of “I have millions of songs to choose from, and I don’t know what to listen to” elegantly, seamlessly and intuitively. The Music app is the ideal gateway to a world’s worth of high-quality streamed music.”

John Steward, Global PR and Content Director, Dynaudio

“The best way to think of the Music Now function, is as an ‘always on’ playlist that is constantly adapting to your taste. This is one of the true strengths of the Music 5”

Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi+ Review, June 2018