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Listener Profiling

Your customers are unique. Different likes. Different needs. Different, well, everything. So shouldn’t they get a listening experience that’s personal to them? With over 2 million artists and over 2000 music genres, we can help satisfy even the most obscure tastes. Hip Hop to Chap Hop, Newgrass to Neurofunk, Ectofolk to Enka. It’s all there.

Listeners can tag their favourite artists, songs and radio stations. This way they’re guaranteed the same level of service whatever music provider they’re using.

Data and Analytics

There’s nothing more rock and roll than Data and Analytics! (We think so anyway.) With Audiogum you can collect hundreds of hardware and product data events to give you a picture of how your products are performing and being used by your customers.

The KPI dashboard gives you access to business critical data when and where you need it. You can understand the retention and usage trends for both your hardware and your supporting applications. And you can monitor customer engagement levels as you roll out firmware and application updates to make sure your products are behaving as you want them to.

Cloud controlled sound

Audiogum’s remote control APIs allow your smart product to be controlled through any web-connected interface, not just connections on the device’s home network. Cloud-control enables scenarios from remote messaging applications to home-security features where music can be played in empty houses to create the illusion of occupation.

Scheduling and interruption

With Audiogum remote-control and scheduling your customers will never miss their favourite radio show again. Listeners can select their favourite content to auto-interrupt whatever is currently playing at a scheduled start time.

Sounds great, looks incredible

If your connected products contain small screens or Pico projectors, Audiogum’s visual content service provides a API to ensure the very best customer experience on the market. From accompanying song lyrics, artist biographies and images for the now playing track, to configurable colour selection to allow your customers to match the screen/projector output to their home décor.

Context aware

Our Audiogum platform knows where you are – and uses this information to create a more contextual experience. All based on place, time and social environment.

Switching from music playback automatically so you don’t miss the start of your favourite radio show. Punching out some adrenalin-fuelled tracks when you’re at the gym. Or slowing down your driving playlist to a more relaxing pace in a traffic jam. Yes, Audiogum’s Music Intelligence can deliver.

Social Listening

Music is one of the most social experiences in the world. Our group personalisation feature finally brings shared listening into the digital age.

By overlaying listener taste profiles, Audiogum can create playlists that can be enjoyed by everyone – however different their musical tastes appear to be. Whether it is housemates relaxing at home, or a family on a road-trip, we can find the perfect music for shared listening. With Audiogum technology there need be no more arguments over control of the car radio.

A true conversational UX for music

Voice control is rightly celebrated as the future of interaction for connected entertainment devices. But ‘talking music’ to the current crop of connected speakers can be a frustrating and limited experience.

That’s why Audiogum offers voice extensions for Alexa, Google Voice and Cortana to create a true conversational UX for music. It’s like having a conversation with a DJ that knows your music tastes as well as you do. “Play me some angry rock music from the 70s with female singers” or “make this playlist faster” Audiogum Voice changes the game.

Simplify your development

Instead of dozens of individual audio service integrations, your hardware will only need to interact with a single API. New services will appear as Audiogum add support, without any upgrades needed to your firmware.

Personalised dynamic playlisting

Playlists are now the most popular way to listen to music. But getting a playlist right can be tricky. Audiogum’s playlist generation system understands the best songs to play for you, and the right time to play them.

Turn your connected device into the world’s most personal radio station using Audiogum’s ‘Play Me’ feature. It’s the ultimate lean-back listening experience, a never-ending soundtrack generated using a listener’s taste profile.

Recommendation engine

Of course, too much choice of music can be daunting. With Audiogum, you can cherry pick your customer’s audiobooks, radio stations, new artists and playlists from all the most popular content services. This way they’ll never be stuck for quality entertainment.

Audiogum's machine-learning algorithms are fed by billions of global data points combined with human curated metadata to create the most relevant recommendations and playlist generation results.

Audiogum is compatible with

Plus many many more audio providers from across the world