Welcome to the Audiogum Platform documentation and integration guide. This scenario-based documentation aims to get you quickly started with the Audiogum platform APIs.

Changes to the platform API

As we evolve and improve the Audiogum API, our changes will always be additive. You can be confident that we'll never remove a field from a response that you depend on, and we'll never change an existing field in a way that makes it incompatible with the way it appeared in the past.

We will add new resources and add new fields to our JSON responses, so you should make sure that a new field appearing anywhere in a JSON response does not break your client application. We call these 'non-breaking' changes and it's essential that we can make this kind of change as we add new capabilities to our platform.

We also practice continuous delivery and no-down-time deployment so we'll never take our API offline to upgrade it.

Firmware Integration and SDKs

Our firmware integration guide gives an overview of what's needed to play on your device and our embedded C library gives a simple interface to make it happen.


The Audiogum Platform APIs require authentication based on the client_id and client_secret issued to you. There are two ways to authenticate - either "User Authentication" on behalf of a user or anonymous "Device Authentication" for when there is no user context such as playback from a speaker or before an app has registered.


Audiogum can collect analytics events from your apps and devices. We provide a analytics dashboard so you can quickly see insights into usage.

Playback and Preset Assignment

Audiogum supports aliasing user playlists, albums and other playable audio to a simple ID that can be easily referenced from a hardware device. More details can be found under playback.

User accounts and device registration

Audiogum provide various account and device management APIs.

Remote Control and Voice Control

Audiogum provide a platform for Remote Control of connected devices. This can also form the basis for integration of voice/AI platforms such as Alexa, or Audiogum's own Voice platform.

Drop us a line

If you're stuck or have questions, please email your account manager or get in contact with us!