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Customer accounts and data hosting

Like Jay-Z you may have ‘99 Problems’, but with Audiogum control of your data won’t be one. We offer secure cloud storage of all customer data, a flexible device registration system and strong CRM capabilities.

Security is paramount when managing sensitive customer information. We provide state-of-the-art security through our secure API as well as a deep understanding of legal compliance across national borders – critical for your global business.

Our customer account system provides registration, federation, account verification and password reset features. It also offers the flexibility to store and manage legacy user data to ensure your existing internal processes are supported.

We’ve made it easy to keep your customer updated too with our in-app messaging system. All your message groups can be refined using customer segmentation parameters such as territory, device ownership, content taste profile and even product usage patterns.

Analytics & Customer Behaviour

Our analytics offer detailed insight into the performance of your connected products and devices. This way you always have the data you need to make confident business decisions. A web dashboard with a set of KPIs is also provided as standard, so you can access real-time usage data ’out of the box’.

Want to build your own dashboard? No problem. We can also supply a data API you can use as you see fit. Hundreds of product and customer data points can be queried and exported easily to any reporting tool. Finally, bespoke analytics integration is available to make sure all your key business data is captured.

Hardware & Services Integration

We like to keep things simple. That’s why our single-API model makes it easy to integrate with the different audio services required to provide content to your hardware. It reduces complexity and risk, and allows your engineers to focus on quality and performance. Meanwhile, our device-reporting framework gives you access to hundreds of data events. Insight into the performance and status of your products and devices has never been clearer.

Device to customer registration can be configured to be either silent or explicit. This lets you collect as much or as little product registration information on first-time-use as you want.

Firmware for your devices can be stored and updated using Audiogum’s robust firmware management system. Products can be kept up to date with a push-notification system that alerts customers to important firmware updates.

Voice Services

Voice control is rightly celebrated as the future of interaction for connected entertainment devices. However, talking music to the current crop of connected speakers can be a frustrating and limited experience.

Audiogum offers voice extensions for Alexa, Google Voice and Cortana that create a true conversational UX for music. Imagine having a conversation with a DJ that knows your music tastes as well as you do - “play me some angry rock music from the 70s with female singers” or “play me some relaxing electronic music from the 90s”. Audiogum Voice changes the game.

Application Development

We know a thing or two about building applications. We’ve built high-profile 4.5+ star-rated apps with active user counts in the tens of millions for the likes of Nokia, LINE and Microsoft. Backed up by a talented design and UX team, we know how to create customer experiences crafted to the highest standards of quality and performance.

Because we build cross-platform applications from a shared code base, we can save you money and get your project up and running faster. Of course, we can still deliver an outstanding native app experience for any or all the major platforms.

Get in touch and find out what we can do for you.