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We offer a full suite of technical solutions to help your product stand out.
Our services can help you build an end-to-end solution and our team of experts are here to understand your needs to help make your vision a reality.

We can provide help and advice to give you
the best possible solution to your requirements.

Application Development

Create an app that reflects your brand

Audiogum can partner with you to create a companion app that lets your customers remotely control your product.

We create apps that are bespoke to each partner, this ensures that your product requirements are met and your brand identity is not compromised.

Our team has years of experience building top rated apps used by millions worldwide, so you can trust that we will deliver the very best experience for your customers.

  • Cross-platform app development from a shared code base, saving you time and money.
  • Or native app development, if you prefer this option.
  • Multiple language support and highly configurable for local differences allowing you to scale up as your business grows.
  • Ongoing maintenance and support can be managed by Audiogum, saving you time.


Gain better insights about your customers and product

Understanding your product’s usage patterns, including when, where and how it is being used, is crucial business intelligence to help you stay ahead of the curve.

We combine hardware data with customer behaviour data to give you even more insight, which you can use to help make decisions around product development, marketing, and even identifying new customer groups.

  • Access real-time and historical data for key metrics with our out-of-the-box analytics dashboard that comes as standard.
  • For additional analytics, we can create bespoke reporting options tailored to your specific needs.
  • If you’d like to create your own reports we can give you secure access to the raw data.

Customer Accounts & Data Hosting

Secure customer data management

Hosting your customer data may be the last thing on your mind when you’re creating a product, but it’s an important one.

We remove the worry of storing and managing your customer data with our secure, cloud-based solution.

Audiogum is certified to both ISO 27001 and ISO 27018, so you can have confidence that we will handle your customer data in compliance with data security regulations around the world e.g. GDPR.

  • Let us manage your device registration, account verification, and password resets.
  • Keep your customers’ data safe with our secure hosting on the cloud.
  • Stay in contact with your customers post-sale using our in-app messaging service, you can target specific customers or groups by device, location, user taste profile, and even product usage patterns.

Device Management

Manage devices across the globe

Supporting your products and devices after sale can be complicated, but is key to ensuring that your customer has the best experience.

We can manage device registration and firmware updates for you, eliminating any issues that might arise from having out-of-date firmware, e.g. when fixing bugs or enabling new features.

  • Firmware updates are important but can be difficult to manage, we offer robust, secure and scalable firmware management, saving you time, and ensuring your users have the best experience of your product.
  • Let Audiogum manage your device registration, with both silent or explicit registration options, to allow you to collect as much or as little customer information as you like.
  • Remote device management provides accurate information on the state of a device post-sale, this allows you to support customers more efficiently through remote diagnostics.