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Founded in Denmark 2009, Libratone continues to differentiate themselves in the smart audio space with beautiful and creative design, innovation and quality in engineering production. Libratone has been recognised in the industry with awards including German Design Awards, Good Design, Red Dot and Edison awards.

A core principle to Libratone’s consumer offering is to free the sound; with 360 Home products, mobility, high quality audio, integrated music, audio and voice services, and working with partners such as Amazon, Apple and Google. Their integration with Apple Airplay led to Libratone becoming an official partner; and in 2018 were highlighted by Apple as a key partner in the launch of Airplay 2.

Upgrading to Audiogum helped streamline Libratone’s business, increase consumer engagement, & enhance the functionality of their speakers.

The Libratone ZIPP range of speakers

The challenge

Libratone were looking to replace the cloud platform they used for their smart speakers, so that their products and roadmap could reflect both current and future advancements in the smart-connected space. The main challenges they faced were:

  • How to provide a service to their customers, keeping user data secure and compliant with global and local legislation such as GDPR.
  • How to optimise their team’s efficiency, by reducing the time spent creating and maintaining integrations to an increasing list of content streaming services, and processing customer data, allowing them to focus on creating amazing speakers.
  • How to understand customer usage patterns to better inform marketing and CRM activities.
  • With growing sales around the world, the service needed to be fast and reliable, particularly in the US, Europe, China, as well as many other regions.

The approach

Following in-depth meetings with Libratone to fully understand their needs, our engineers designed a tailored solution using the flexibility of the Audiogum platform. Support has been provided by our on-call engineers throughout implementation, as well as on an ongoing basis.

Audiogum’s solution has allowed Libratone not only to enhance the functionality of their products, but to increase consumer engagement. Audiogum’s analytics platform has also allowed Libratone to gain a comprehensive understanding of their consumers’ interaction with their products and noticing trends such as increased retention rates.

“Audiogum’s knowledge and experience of the audio industry and specific expertise in smart-connected devices made them an obvious choice. Their end-to-end offering is incredibly attractive, and the support we received at every stage has been responsive and accurate.”

Uffe Kjems Hansen, VP Global Operations, Libratone

Libratone Zipp

The solution

Customer accounts & data hosting

  • Audiogum manages customer account and speaker registration through their secure cloud platform compliant with privacy legislation around the world, including Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), taking away the need for Libratone to manage this time-consuming and complex task inhouse.
  • Libratone can now access data as and when they need to, as well as managing customer accounts from a single interface.
  • Audiogum hosts the platform and ensures 24/7 support, freeing up Libratone’s time and resources to concentrate on the things that really matter to them – making great speakers and delivering fantastic customer experiences.
  • Audiogum’s platform is cloud-based and conforms with the General Data Protection Regulation ([GDPR] [EU] 2016/679). Audiogum have ISO27K accreditation. We carefully control where and how user’s personal data is used, and we conform to specific, regional regulations and restrictions.

Global platform

  • Audiogum uses multiple data centres around the world to ensure that our service is responsive and reliable, no matter where users are located.
  • Libratone’s users in China are served by an Audiogum platform run inside mainland China, so users do not suffer rate limits or slow-downs caused by crossing ‘The Great Firewall’. We synchronize configuration and administrative data between data centres securely and instantly whilst respecting user privacy, so Libratone administrators can treat Audiogum as a single, unified platform.

Content API

  • Audiogum provides a single cloud API for the aggregation of multiple music services. So, a one-time integration with Audiogum makes multiple services available quickly and easily. Libratone aggregate TIDAL, Napster, vTuner and Ximalaya, all via Audiogum.


  • Audiogum provides Libratone with reporting dashboards that enable them to view all their data in one place. From active users split by location, to the users’ actual listening trends and habits, thus forming an accurate picture of their users.
  • Audiogum also built a custom extract of user data to Libratone's CRM system, to enable it to run with up-to-date information about their customers and device usage.

“We were amazed by the flexibility of the Audiogum platform, which helped us to create a product that our consumers love. We had great fun working together and will continue to lean on the Audiogum team as we evolve the Libratone product range. Thank you, Audiogum.”

Uffe Kjems Hansen, VP Global Operations, Libratone